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Hair Transplants: Potentially a Life Saving Procedure

Hair Transplants: Potentially a Life Saving Procedure

There are many more bald celebrities these days, of that there is no doubt! Some of them may not even suffer from any form of hair loss, they simply prefer the bald look or it suits their public image more. One thing that is virtually unheard of though is a celebrity who is happy to put up with thinning hair. Bald yes, thinning no!

Gradually losing ones hair can be an extremely traumatic experience for many and the emotions involved can range from mild annoyance to severe depression. Prematurely thinning hair can easily eat away at ones confidence to such an extent that some people have even contemplated taking their own life. This may sound a little extreme, but the fact remains that bald is not a look that works for everyone, even if it does work for Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel! A recent client told us that their life enjoyment had gone from about 90% to about 20% in less that two years, now that's a pretty hard change to come to terms with. Many of our clients feel that without surgical intervention, they would have lost most of their hair and be living a thoroughly miserable existence.

Even in todays politically correct society, hair loss is still an embarrassing problem

If a person is suffering with a condition such as acne, they can treat the problem with readily available washes and creams, change their diet, keep their hair away from their forehead etc... Unfortunately this is not the case with hair loss! The other problem is that with other disorders, you're not usually a target for publically sanctioned ridicule from anyone who thinks thinning hair or baldness is funny. For some strange reason, its not acceptable to ridicule someones hair loss that is a reult of chemotherapy, but if you lose it because of male pattern baldness before you hit your early twenties, this makes you a perfectly acceptable target for abuse.

If it seems that nature has a plan to make you have thin hair before your time, do you have to simply accept it? The simple answer is no! You really don't have to follow natures plan in this day and age because hair transplant technology has improved so much in recent years. Should a hair transplant procedure be necessary, you may be in a position to keep all of your hair and wear it in the same way as you did when you was in your teens.

There are certain things that can be done to slow down the process of hair loss, but if the issue is male pattern baldness, eventually the hair will be gone or extremely thin. One way of slowing the thinning process down is to take a clinically proven hair loss drug such as Propecia. However, as good as some drugs are, they will not stop hair loss completely and will not make lost hair regrow again, in fact, some have been linked to a reduction in the mans sex drive, although the chances of this are slight.

Many people feel that they may be passed over at job interviews, promotion boards or even on dating sites because of thinning hair or baldness. Losing your hair can be one of the most demoralising things that can happen to a man as he ages. You may not feel as good about yourself and it tends to eat away at your self confidence. Hair loss really can become an all consuming distraction.

A hair transplant: But at what cost?

There is no doubt that a hair transplant procedure is not the cheapest thing in the world. Some people may say that they simply couldn't afford one and over the years quite a few clients have said the same. However, consider that many would think nothing of paying 6,000 for a half decent used car that they hope will last for about three or maybe four years. The same investment on a hair transplant would see noticeable results that will last a lifetime. What price can really be put on that and the self-esteem it could bring?

It has been suggested that no man would want to be bald when he gets older. Well that may or may not be true, but we are certain that very few men are happy about losing their hair, particularly when they are young.

Does hair loss make you look older?

Some suggest that baldness can make men look about ten years older, whereas others claim that keeping ones hair makes people look much younger. Whatever the case may be, the difference in someones self esteem is immeasurable.

Something that has become apparent over recent years is that the age of people seeking hair transplantations is coming down all the time. About a third of men suffer hair loss by the time they reach the age of thirty. Owing to this reduction in age and the social pressures to stay looking younger, more and more people are deciding to have hair transplants sooner rather than waiting until they hit middle age.

A hair transplant doesn't just improve the lives of celebrities

You could be forgiven for thinking that a hair transplant procedure is only within the reach of the rich and famous, this simply isn't the case.

These days more and more regular, everyday members of the public are improving their whole outlook on life with a hair transplant. We've all heard of people in the public eye claiming that their image is their career. When you think about it, you dont see very many bald models or television presenters! Increasing numbers of A-listers are now disclosing the secret to their new head of hair, so the stigma that once surrounded having the need for a hair transplant has diminished, unlike the percieved stigma of going bald and not doing anything about it.

The great news is, a hair transplant really is a viable option if you are miserable about your hair loss, you no longer have to resign yourself to years of hat wearing or feeling down, the choice is yours! If hair loss is not something that particularly bothers you, then that's great, but if it does, a hair transplant procedure could well be a life saver, literally.

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