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Hair Loss Frequently Asked Questions

I wish to see a trichologist at The Hair Clinic but I have Afro hair, do you treat Afro hair?
Yes, all members of The Institute of Trichologists are trained and qualified to diagnose and treat Afro hair problems. The resident trichologist at the Hair Clinic is a full member of The Institute of Trichologists. In addition, The Hair Clinic has developed a specific range of hair and scalp treatments for Afro-Caribbean hair. Read more..

Iím a nineteen year old male and my hair is already thinning out like my fathers hair, is this normal at my age?
Hereditary hair loss can begin as early as puberty but eighteen through to thirty happens to be the most common time to notice it emerging. It would be necessary for you to consult with a qualified trichologist to get the problem diagnosed as there are other types of hair loss apart from hereditary balding. Even if it is confirmed as being genetic hair loss, there are treatments available to help stabilise it, especially if the problem is in its early stages.

I have suffered an irritable scalp now for many years, the scalp also looks red when I part my hair near the front hairline. Nothing over the counter seems to be working, should I see a trichologist?
Yes, a trichologist will be able to diagnose the problem for you then once it is known what is wrong the most suitable treatment can be started. There are many scalp problems a trichologist encounters every day, psoriasis and dermatitis are examples of the most common. Most scalp problems can be treated trichologically and without the use of steroids that may otherwise be prescribed by a GP. But a diagnosis is required in the first instance-get it checked as soon as possible. Read more..

I am interested in a hair transplant, are there advisers available for this at The Hair Clinic?
Yes, we have a hair transplant consultant on hand at The Hair Clinic. It is necessary in the first instance to assess if an individual is a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery. We have to check whether there is enough donor hair available, this is the section of scalp from around the sides of the scalp where the hair tends to grow thick and well for most people.

Is it dangerous to shampoo my hair every day, could more fall out?
There are no dangers to shampooing your hair every day, even if you are experiencing hair loss. In fact, the scalp and hair benefit enormously by being kept clean and clear of dead skin and grease build up. The hair will have body added to it and will be kept in good condition by frequent shampooing and conditioning. Your hair will not fall out any further or any faster, donít worry!

Iím a female in my mid twenties and feeling increasingly concerned about the amount of hair I keep finding in my brush every day and all over my wooden floors throughout my house. I think my hair is feeling thinner as a result. What shall I do, do you only treat men with hair loss?
We treat both men and women here at The Hair Clinic, in fact, more women than men are now seeking trichological advice - you are not alone. First stage is to carefully examine your scalp and detect how much hair has been coming out, it has to be determined if your loss is patchy, patterned or diffuse.

Depending on this and information taken on your diet, medical history and life style, specific blood tests will be recommended by the trichologist and a personal trichological treatment plan will be put together for you. Your hair will be reassessed and monitored regularly by the trichologist over the coming months.

How long does it take for transplanted hair to start growing?
The first signs of growth are usually visible around three to four months after the treatment has been carried out. The Hair Clinic offers a FREE check-up service at this stage.

All wording by Vanessa Bailey MIT FRSPH author of The Good Hair Guide: All Your Questions Answered.

For in-depth questions and answers covering all aspects of male hair, female hair, childrenís hair, Afro hair and scalp disorders, The Good Hair Guide: All Your Questions Answered by Vanessa Bailey MIT FRSPH is recommended.

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