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Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Does it look natural?
Yes! Expertly performed microscopic follicular hair transplant surgery looks very natural. Moreover, with single hair micro grafting a natural looking hairline is also attainable.

Will I need time of work after my hair transplant surgery?
For most people, little or no time off work is required. You will be able to wear a hat immediately after the surgery. However, if you are very concerned about people knowing, then it is advisable to have your hair transplant surgery just before a few days holiday. The sun will not damage your grafts, but obviously avoid sun burning your scalp.

Is the surgery expensive?
No! When compared to alternative treatments it is cost effective and for life. Of course, there is a cost involved, but the naturalness of growing your own hair makes the cost of hair transplant surgery well worth it. Remember that there are no other expenses involved afterwards - no wigs or hairpieces to be continually maintained, serviced and replaced.

So in the long run, hair transplant surgery is not only the most natural solution, it can also be the cheapest. Please note: To advise you accurately of the cost we do need to examine your scalp and assess your hair loss. All our consultations are FREE.

When will I notice any growth from my new hair?
New hair growth will only break through the skin 3-4 months after the procedure. However, it will take at least 6 month for the new hair to make any significant cosmetic difference to your appearance. Hair continues to mature up to a year after the hair transplant surgery.

Is age a limiting factor?
There is no upper age limit if a person is in good health. The lower age limit is very much dependent on the degree of hair loss. Generally speaking, it is very unwise to consider hair transplant surgery if you are less that 21 years of age and at a very early stage of hair loss.

Do you check the results?
Yes. You are invited to have a progress check-up 6 months after the hair transplant surgery. We strongly recommend that you do so as this will enable us the chance of closely examining and explaining the improvement in accordance with your treatment plan.

Can I regain the original density of my hair?
We are only redistributing your existing permanent hair to your thinning or balding areas. We are not creating new hair. Having said that, in expert hands the donor hair available can be used to create a percentage of the original density, which varies from person to person. The most important achievement will be to restore frontal scalp hair and the hairline to create a frame around the face. This will improve how you look to yourself and to others.

Does microscopic follicular hair transplant surgery leave scars?
When performed by skilled surgeons, hair transplant surgery will only be detected by thorough expert examination. However, the donor site will have a very fine scar completely hidden by your hair. The art of micro grafting is to conceal the art.

Is the procedure painful?
No. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, as well as the scalp being totally frozen and desensitised. You will experience a slight discomfort, a pinch, when the anaesthetic is initially applied. Some patients experience mild discomfort one or two days after the operation that is easily controlled with medication.

Is there any danger involved?
No. Microscopic Follicular Hair Transplant Surgery is minor cosmetic surgery and one of the safest and most popular procedures performed today. Our clinic environment provides you with skilled and experienced surgical and nursing staff and superior hospital standard equipment.

Are there any bandages after the procedure?
No. There is no need for bandages.

How long should the hair transplant surgery take?
Approximately 5 hours.

How many sessions should I have?
This depends very much on the extent of loss or indeed continued loss of existing hair in future years. Therefore, you may require additional work to previously treated or new areas of scalp to achieve a good overall cosmetic result.

How should I prepare myself for the operation?
Shampoo your hair the night before the operation, get a good night's rest and have a normal breakfast. Aspirin should not be taken for one week prior to the surgery.

Should I cut my hair prior to the hair transplant?
No. It is best left until after the surgery particularly as long hair will help camouflage treated areas.

Can I continue sporting activities?
Most sports require a reasonable amount of physical exertion in which case you are asked not to participate in any form of sport for at least 10 days.

How long after treatment before I can wash my hair?
Three days for shampoo, although the use of a shower using tepid water is okay after 24 hours.

Can anybody have a hair transplant surgery?
Yes. With the exception of haemophiliacs and people with significant medical conditions.

All forms of minor surgery have temporary disadvantages. However, weighed against the improvements and confidence looking your best can bring, a few days inconvenience for a lifetime of happiness seems a small price to pay.

All consultations and check-ups at The Hair Clinic are FREE.

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