The Hair Clinic London

About Us

The Hair Clinic was set up, as a centre for Hair Loss treatments, over 27 years ago inside the prestigious John Bell & Croyden medical store and pharmacy close to Harley Street in the West End of London.

John Bell & Croyden is London’s landmark health care store with a global reputation for professionalism, innovation, impeccable customer service and quality products.

Initially, The Hair Clinic specialised in Hair Transplants but has since increased its specialist Hair loss treatments to include Trichology (the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and scalp problems; such as female pattern baldness, hair thinning, alopecia areata, folliculitis and psoriasis).

At The Hair Clinic we understand the importance of feeling good about the way you look. Hair loss can be a traumatic experience for men and women of all ages and with our many years of experience we have the skilled expertise to help you. The Hair Clinic boasts a respected team of highly experienced and motivated professionals who deliver the best advice and treatment available to both men and women suffering with hair loss (such male pattern baldness), poor quality hair growth and scalp problems (such as alopecia and psoriasis).

Whether the answer to a hair loss problem lies with: –

  • Microscopic Follicular Hair Transplant
  • Natural plant based agents (found in our range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments)
  • Laser technology

The Hair Clinic has the knowledge, experience and expert professionals to help you, as we have many thousands of satisfied male and female clients.

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A no obligation, consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes. At The Hair Clinic we pride ourselves on giving the best and fullest advise possible, and our initial consultations cost £60. Fill out our form below to begin the consultation process.