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Hair loss is experienced by 60% of women and 80% of men; very few of us manage to escape this problem. Hair loss reduces confidence when it occurs, damaging effective interaction with others to the point that it could encroach relationships and career development. It is important therefore to seek the best advice possible when suffering with hair loss. Over the counter help is limited; wasting time and money while searching for the cure only adds to the anxiety already experienced by having the hair loss problem in the first place. Qualified help is imperative, both in obtaining an accurate diagnosis of the hair loss condition in the first instance and in receiving the correct treatment. Most hair loss problems can be treated these days, although getting help as soon as you suspect a problem is important, whether you are male or female.

To begin to get started on helping your hair loss problem you need to see a qualified member of The Institute of Trichologists. A qualified professional will have the knowledge and experience in diagnosing what is wrong with your hair and/or scalp and will then give expert advice on a varied range of hair-linked lifestyle issues that if not implemented could be preventing you from having a healthy head of hair. For example, problems with your nutrition intake could be pointed out as being a cause of hair loss. Poor weight management could be another issue – losing excessive weight has been noted by Vanessa Bailey MIT as a cause of 20% of female hair loss cases seen at The Hair Clinic during the last two years.

Upon questioning on other body changes or changes to body and facial hair growth could also indicate a possible underlying hormone imbalance, there are many imbalances that slow scalp hair growth but increase hair growth on the rest of the body. Depending on what the trichologist uncovers about your scalp and other body system changes will dictate a recommended round of blood tests to help determine your hair loss diagnosis. How you care for your hair on day to day basis will be uncovered by close high magnification examination by the trichologist. Colour treatments, hair straightening regimes and even how you shampoo your hair will be revealed as having a positive or negative impact on your situation. Everything will be revealed!

Depending on diagnosis, trichological treatment will then be recommended and fully explained so that you are aware of what the treatment will entail and what the benefits will be. Regular follow-up visits are advised whilst on trichological treatment so that results can be accurately monitored and discussed throughout.

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