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Male Hair Loss Treatments

Male Hair Loss

Most men experience a gradual decline in hair growth over the years, from teens to old age. The extent of hair loss experienced is usually genetically programmed. The follicles are sensitive to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, this hormone attacks the hair follicles along the front hair line and through to the crown area. Hair growth gradually reduces in these areas and the hair shafts become thinner, weaker and shorter over time. This condition is called male androgenic alopecia, otherwise and more commonly known as male pattern baldness.

The good news is that treatments are becoming more and more successful in stabilising this condition with improvements often found in the strength of existing hairs as well as encouraging new hair growth. However, before treatment is recommended the rate of hair loss needs to be assessed. Follicle activity needs to be checked by a trichologist, this will help ensure you get advised on the best treatment for your particular stage of hair loss so that the best results can be achieved. A range of trichological treatments can be administered, either alone or alongside the prescribed treatments. See our treatment page for further information.

A.I. Brighton

Absolutely delighted and thrilled with the result of my hair transplant. So much so that I have referred a friend to you who is currently undergoing treatment.

G.B. Hampshire

I now have a good growth of hair at the crown area, which before treatment had very little hair.

Apart from male pattern baldness, patchy hair loss conditions such as alopecia areata and hair shedding conditions such as telogen effluvium can also occur on a male scalp. Stress, poor nutrition intake and hormone problems can cause hair loss as well. In a number of cases, factors such as extreme stress or poor diets have been found to hasten the male pattern balding condition. It is essential to have your hair loss problem diagnosed by a trichologist, even if you think it’s just male pattern baldness as it could be a number of other types of hair loss conditions that require different treatment to male pattern baldness.

Once you have consulted with the trichologist and depending on the problem, treatment will be carefully explained. If it seems your best options would be a hair transplant, Vanessa Bailey the Trichologist will organise the appropriate referrals for you. At The Hair Clinic you have access to all of these specialties.

Vanessa can recommend surgery / hair transplants if necessary.

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