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Alopecia Sufferer Hails Revolutionary Treatment

Hair loss can be an uncomfortable experience for men, but it is also very common and there are many ways of making it look fashionable. Female hair loss, however, it can be particularly distressing.

Alopecia can cause a loss of confidence, low self-esteem and difficulty with relationships, leading to sufferers to do and try anything to find a solution.

One woman who has been delighted to find a revolutionary treatment that works for her is Isabel Kirk, who lives in the town of Ballygowan in Northern Ireland.

She told the Belfast Telegraph how her struggle with the condition, dating back to 1993, had led to her trying all kinds of ‘cures’ that didn’t work, before a hair salon in Belfast came up with a radical solution.

This involves what is known as a CNC Hair Prosthetic System, made using 3D printing technology, which uses real human hair added to a prosthetic designed to perfectly fit a human scalp and hairline. It means Ms Kirk is able to wear it 24/7 and treat it as if it is her own hair, even washing and styling it. 

Explaining how it was fitted, she explained that at first a net is made in the shape of the client’s head, with their own hair pulled through the holes. “Then it’s attached with clips, so your own hair will hold that on, then additional hair is sewn on,” she added. 

Before this solution, she had tried all kinds of approaches to trying to stem her hair loss. “I have tried lotions, shampoos, head massage, acupuncture, and thinking Chinese herbs,” she revealed.

This kind of story is a common one, with the internet rife with all kind of ‘solutions’ that turn out to be anything but.

For example, one sufferer, Nikita Laing, who uses a customised hair topper to provide a fuller head of hair, recently told the Cambridge News she had even tried rubbing onion on her scalp in the hope this would somehow resolve the problem.

All that shows that it is better to contact the experts and find out how they can help than relying on quack ‘cures’.