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Has David Beckham Really Sparked A Hair Transplant Rush?

Few things generate news and online clicks more than David Beckham. Google and other internet search engines changed their algorithms to stop people gaming their search rankings by slipping his name, and that of other popular celebrities, into stories that had nothing to do with him (or the other famous folk).

Despite that, Beckham’s name still sells, still influences, still inspires and, of course, still makes lots of money for the man and his wife. But until now, one might not have expected one of those cashing in to be a hair clinic in Turkey you have probably never heard of.

However, according to a Metro News article, Istanbul-based Estenove is one of several Turkish clinics where men have flocked to get cosmetic hair restoration work done in one of the numerous styles of the former footballer and permanent clothes horse.

There was no actual quote in the article from Estenove, which might make the story seem a little tenuous and prompt some to suggest that with the Metro News, you get what you pay for. There were, of course, lots of quotes from Beckham himself on his various hairstyles, which have ranged from Mohicans and buzz cuts to blond streaks and cornrows.

In the Netflix series, Beckham said the cornrows were the one style he regretted, as some would now see them as “cultural appropriation”, but apparently the style Estenove has been inundated with requests for most is the 1990s ‘curtain’ style.

Of course, the question might be asked about why anyone admiring the hairstyles of a famous Londoner might be in a hurry to hop on a plane to Turkey. Why not go to a London hair clinic instead?

If you have a hair loss issue, this needs to be dealt with first and foremost, whether it is through medical intervention to stop your follicles from giving up the ghost, or a full hair transplant. That should be your first priority before deciding what sort of haircut you want, especially as you never know when David Beckham might change his style again.

Besides all that, why go to a Turkish hair clinic on the back of simply admiring the styles of a man whose own hair has been the subject of much speculation on the transplant front, but no confirmation that any actual procedure has taken place? Will you really be mending it like Beckham?

However, it cannot be denied that the man’s hair is always the centre of attention – and not just from the Metro News. Hello Magazine recently compiled an article (or, rather, a collection of pictures) about how his ‘trend-setting’ hairstyles “shocked the world”.  

It might make more sense for those seeking cosmetic treatment to take inspiration from a famous personality who has actually admitted to having a hair transplant. If you need it to be a former Manchester United and England superstar, Wayne Rooney would tick all those boxes.

Then again, Rooney isn’t a style icon and is married to an undercover detective, not a pop star, so perhaps ‘brand Rooney’ isn’t the thing folk are looking for.