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How To Look After New Hair Growth After Receiving Hair Loss Treatment

Maintaining and properly caring for new hair growth after receiving hair loss treatment can help to ensure it grows back healthy and strong and can minimise the chances of it thinning or falling out again.

It is important that you are gentle and careful when dealing with new hair growth as often it can be more fragile than other hair and therefore requires more attention.

Depending on the treatment you receive, you may be given aftercare instructions. These will inform you of how best to move forward post-treatment and may also list any products or techniques you should avoid.

They may also advise you on how to take any medications or how to do at-home treatments to help improve and promote hair growth. It is important that you follow these instructions in order to maximise the chances of the treatment being successful.

One tip for caring for new hair growth is to use a very gentle shampoo and other hair products.

Baby shampoo is a great choice as it is very gentle and soft on the hair and does not strip it from any natural oils which work to protect it. It is also gentle on the scalp which can help to prevent irritation.

As a general rule, you should avoid using any products such as strong hold gels and hair spray after your treatment to allow the hair a chance to breathe and grow. Heat should also be avoided as this can damage the hair, especially if it is new growth.

You may wish to look into supplements and vitamins which you can take which promote strong and healthy hair. While these themselves won’t increase the growth of new hair, they can help to ensure the hair that does grow is as healthy as possible.

When styling your hair, be gentle and patient with it. Try not to use any combs or brushes which have hard bristles. A soft bristled brush or wide-toothed comb is the best choice as these will help to detangle and style without pulling on the hair.

You may wish to schedule follow up appointments or see the advice of a professional and ask them how best to care for your new hair growth. They may advise certain products or techniques, such as massaging the scalp or using ointments, to further look after the new hair.

Managing stress, anxiety and maintaining good mental wellbeing is also important as these are all known to contribute to hair loss. By maintaining a positive mental state, you are reducing the risk of additional hair loss caused by these.

It is important to remember not to feel discouraged or disheartened if the new hair growth does end up falling out or beginning to thin again. For some treatments, this may even be normal.

If you follow all the steps necessary and still see no improvements, or notice your hair loss symptoms worsening, you may wish to try other treatments to see if any alternative techniques work for you.


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