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The Most Misblamed Myths About Hair Loss

A lot of men are worried about potentially losing their hair, and it is completely understandable as to why.

For many people, their hair is a big part of their identity, and it can be quite distressing to think they might be losing a part of themselves that they consider to be very important. This can create stress and anxiety that can compound any hair loss.

Because of this, it is understandable that some men might fall for misconceptions and superstitions concerning the causes of hair loss, which can often lead to certain factors getting misblamed for causing hair loss when it has nothing to do with the issue.

Here are some of the most misblamed habits, actions or products related to hair loss and the truth surrounding them.


Shampoo Does Not Cause Hair Loss

This is very much a case of correlation conflicting with causation. People who wash their hair often find that they notice a few hairs when they run their fingers or a brush through their hair, and assume that either washing their hair or the particular products caused the hair loss.

Not only is this not true, but for many people, it is the complete opposite. People can lose as many as 100 hairs a day naturally and hair that falls out when you wash it would have fallen out anyway.

On the other hand, overly greasy hair can cause sebum oil to block the follicles, which contributes to hair loss, so washing your hair when it feels unmanageable can really help, as long as you do not use products that irritate or damage your scalp.


Wearing A Hat Does Not Cause Hair Loss

There is a strange belief that wearing a baseball cap can contribute to hair loss, but in practice, the only way this is possible is if it was fitted over the scalp so tightly that it would cause pain to wear and rip a lot of hair out of the scalp through traction alopecia.

Wearing hats can contribute to greasy hair if you wear one a lot, which can be a factor in hair loss over a long stretch of time, but by itself a hat will not cause any significant hair loss.


Hair Loss Is Not Always Permanent

Whilst there are forms of pattern baldness that are permanent and certain types of traumatic hair loss that scar the scalp will stop hair follicles from growing again, many forms of hair loss are temporary and are better seen as a disruption to regular hair growth.

Hair loss as a result of significant weight loss, stress, pregnancy, cancer treatment, illness or a deficiency in iron or zinc is often reversible.

As well as this, many forms of baldness and hair loss can be treated with approved formulas such as minoxidil (Regaine) and finasteride (Propecia), and in other cases, hair transplant surgeries are an option as well.

Visiting a trichologist can help diagnose the cause and potential solution to hair loss worries, and the sooner treatment starts after suspecting a hair loss issue, the more options are available to solve it.