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Why Hair Loss Can Affect Men’s Confidence

Whilst some men feel comfortable going bald and others will get used to how they look without hair, male hair loss can cause a lot of distress and make many people feel self-conscious when out in public.

This is something that is relatively common knowledge but was affirmed in a recent study that found that in a poll of 1000 men going through hair loss, more than half of them felt extremely self-conscious and nearly 90 per cent considered their hair a major part of their identity.

A connection to identity is one major reason why hair loss can shake a man’s confidence significantly, but it is far from the only one, and there are plenty of options for men conscious about their hairline.

In some cases, it is because they have heard comments about it, which bring it directly out into the open, whilst in others it is more about self-perception and elements of body dysmorphia.

This is particularly true in certain subcultures such as certain bohemian and music subcultures, where long hair in particular is seen as a major part of a person’s identity, and whilst most subcultures are accepting, there is a noticeable difference if someone shaves their head.

Another part of it is that male pattern baldness is commonly treated as a common sign of ageing, and so for young men in particular who start to see premature hair loss, it can be one of the first signs that they are not getting any younger.

As well as this, even though testosterone is directly connected to premature baldness, there is a social connection between hair and virility, something that can add to feelings of isolation and self-confidence issues.

However, not only are there a lot of options when it comes to treatment, but there are also a lot of people who are going through the same journey that can be confided in.