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How To Prevent Hair Loss After Losing Weight

Whether someone has managed to stick to their new year’s resolution or has made a commitment to their health, quite a few people are losing weight and improving their fitness.

However, one side effect some people notice after a particularly intense regimen is that they are noticing more hair loss when they run their hair through their fingers than normal or see the top of their head get noticeably thinner.

This is typically telogen effluvium, the most common form of premature male hair loss, and depending on how someone loses weight, the hair loss can be caused by intense stress, crash dieting, nutrient deficiency or as a side-effect of weight loss surgery.

Here are some tips to try and prevent hair loss during and after losing weight.


Manage Your Protein

One of the most important ingredients for hair growth is keratin, which is made primarily through amino acids that are provided through protein sources such as meat, eggs, dairy products, soya, seeds, tofu and quinoa.

If you have suddenly changed your diet to include less meat, it may be the case that you are lacking an important source of protein, and when the body has to choose where its supply of amino acids goes, the last place will be the hair.

With that in mind, make sure you are enjoying a balanced diet with enough sources of protein and amino acids.


Take A Multivitamin

If you are crash dieting or are on an extremely restrictive diet you may be lacking in iron, zinc, selenium, essential fatty acids and omega-3, which have been linked with hair loss.

If you cannot be sure you are getting enough from your diet, taking a vitamin pill can help ensure you have enough of these building blocks to keep your hair from falling out.


Rest And Relax

Dieting and vigorous exercise regimens can be stressful, and stress increases cortisone, a hormone linked with hair loss.

Make sure you are giving your body time to rest and recuperate, and are getting enough sleep of a high enough and comfortable enough quality.