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What Causes Sudden Hair Loss And How Best To Cope With It

There are many causes for hair loss and this can occur at various points during your life for a variety of reasons. Usually, hair loss will occur over a long period of time, with the hair gradually receding and thinning until balding begins.

This often gives you time to learn how to manage your hair loss and in some cases can give you a chance to find a remedy or solution that works for you.

However, in some cases, you may experience sudden hair loss which can happen with no warning and may leave you without any time to prepare, prevent or treat the issue.

There are several reasons why sudden hair loss may occur and although it can be stressful to deal with, there are still options out there in order to cope with this type of hair loss.

One of the most common reasons you may experience sudden hair loss is due to a condition called alopecia. Many people have this condition, however they do not find out until they experience sudden hair loss.

There are different types of alopecia, and it can present differently in each person, however suddenly finding patches of hair missing, bald spots or rapidly thinning hair can be a sign you have undiagnosed and untreated alopecia.

Another common cause for sudden hair loss is a condition called telogen effluvium, which is hair loss which occurs due to physical shock, stress or illness.

This can happen to both men and women and is an unusual bodily response to trauma, however it is a common cause of female hair loss due to significant hormonal changes, such as those experienced during childbirth, menopause and after significant surgeries or severe illnesses.

Fortunately, sudden hair loss caused by both of these conditions usually regulates on its own and there is a good chance your hair will return, either with or without help from treatments and remedies.