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Why Have a Hair Transplant

We've all heard time and time again about how desirable and distinguished a man looks when his hair has gone. We also seem to be reminded on a daily basis that bald men have superior pulling power than men with a full head of hair, but is this true or just a myth put out there by bald people or others just attempting to be politically correct?

Hair loss in men has been a big problem since time began. Sure, some men don't appear particularly bothered about their hair vanishing, some men who have a full head of hair actually shave it off for convenience. Whether this is out of laziness because they just can't be bothered to keep their hair neat and tidy, or because they want extra streamlining as they are serious sportsmen, depends on the individual. What research has shown though is that the majority of men with good hair, when questioned said baldness would bother them considerably and those with thinning hair said they would rather have a full head of hair.

There have been many attempts over the years to prove that balding men are more virile or intelligent but this has never been scientifically proven. There is clearly nothing to be ashamed about should ones hair start thinning, but these days there are things that can be done to slow down the process and hair transplantation is a great way to get hair back when it's gone.

Having a hair transplant will give you much higher self esteem and more confidence

The effects of baldness are not just seen and felt on the outside. Men that are losing their hair seem to take a massive blow to their self esteem. Many thousands of men spend hours and hours worrying about their hair and stressing over how fast they will lose it. Baldness can also affect decisions they make on a daily basis and it can also prevent men from expressing themselves socially. In short, a loss of hair will often hinder a mans ability to enjoy their life to the full. This may all sound a little melodramatic, should you ask a balding man to tell you honestly about how he really feels about his hair loss, you will probably find that he is far from happy about the situation.

Most men would rather have a full head of healthy hair if given the choice. There are genuine advantages for men with hair over their hairless counterparts. As wrong as it may be, some people make unconscious judgments based on the amount and quality of another persons hair. This of course isn't restricted to just balding, it covers other conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and even a bad case of acne.

People can be quite cruel!

Although wrong and misinformed, some people may feel that if you suffer from any of the above, you can't be very good at looking after yourself. Clearly this is a nonsense, but people do judge others by their appearance whether we like it or not. Having a hair transplant shouldn't be considered just because someone has shouted an insult at you in the street because of your lack of hair, it should be done for you and nobody else. If you feel that having a full head of hair will boost your self confidence and help you function in a social context, why not speak to us at the Hair Clinic about the possibilities of a hair transplant.

There are also professional advantages to having a hair transplant

Men who have lost their hair see career advancement to not only be about credentials and achievements, but also to be about their physical appearance too. They think the man with hair will get hired or promoted and they will be overlooked. The chances are this is not true at all, but it doesn't matter, it's what the afflicted person thinks that's important. So often balding men just avoid certain careers entirely because they are losing their hair. The balding man often sees their chances of success in certain areas to be virtually non existent.

Although very sad and unfair, it's true, people of both sexes generally want to see a full head of hair. So if any of the above issues are affecting you and you would like to do something positive about it, why not get in touch and we can discuss how suitable you would be for a hair transplant procedure.

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