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Top Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

If you are suffering from male hair loss, you may be wondering what is causing it and whether it is treatable. There are many causes for hair loss, from stress to hereditary conditions and luckily many of these can be treated and managed. 

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common causes of hair loss in men. This can start affecting you in your 20s and 30s and typically begins with a receding hairline or balding on the top of the head. There are several causes of male pattern baldness, such as hormonal and genetic factors. 

Hormonal changes can cause both temporary and permanent hair loss. There are many different causes for this, but they are often treatable if you visit a doctor and explain your symptoms. 

Medical issues can also cause hair loss, such as auto-immune diseases, thyroid issues, skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis or scalp infections. These are treatable and can be managed with medications or topical ointments.

Hair loss can also be hereditary, meaning it is passed down through your family. Those with a family history of hair loss may wish to seek treatment prior to symptoms to help prevent and protect against baldness. 

Grooming your hair can also lead to hair loss, such as having it frequently tied back tightly for long periods of time or over-brushing. Using particular hair products such as hairspray or gel which can cause the hair to be brittle and break if not washed out properly can also affect your hair.

Another factor to consider when dealing with hair loss is age. Although not everyone begins to lose their hair as they get older, it is very common to experience hair loss and balding as you age due to hair follicles stopping producing new hair and thus leading to it thinning.