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What Are The Best Foods To Eat To Reduce Hair Loss

Hair loss for many people is inevitable, but there are ways to slow it down or reduce baldness, including eating the right foods. Here we look at the different produce that could minimise hair loss for longer. 



Not eating enough protein could result in hair falling out, which is why it is important to consume enough meat, eggs, and dairy. 

Eggs are particularly good, as they also contain biotin, which is needed to produce hair protein keratin. Therefore, those with a biotin deficiency would benefit from consuming eggs. 



Another deficiency that is linked with hair loss is low levels of iron. So, make sure you fill up on spinach, as the leafy vegetable is a great source of the mineral. Red meat is also full of iron, as are liver, beans, dried fruit, and fortified breakfast cereals. 

Spinach also contains vitamins A and C, which help to support hair growth. 



Carrots are high in vitamin A as well, with Pantene saying: “They are extremely nutritious for the scalp and go a long way in keeping your hair moisturised from the roots to the tips.”



Though most people know dairy is packed with calcium, which is good for bones, fewer know its benefits with regards to hair. 

Containing both whey and casein proteins, dairy can nourish and strengthen remaining hair strands. 

Even with a balanced diet, some people will struggle with hair loss. If this sounds like you, book an appointment at our London hair clinic to see how we can help you.